APAIE started with the 13 active members of the international community who have agreed that associations such as NAFSA (USA) and EAIE (Europe) play crucial roles in the advancement of our professional missions. These organizations promote communication, cooperation, development of expertise, and provide valuable networking opportunities for our respective universities. APAIE (Asia and Pacific) has an obligation to do the same as these two organizations, where now the balanced global international education will succeed.

The founding members are Griffith University (Australia), National Sun Yat-sen University (Taiwan), Kasetsart University (Thailand), Waseda University (Japan), Korea University, University of Philippines (Los Banos), Brawijaya University (Indonesia), National University of Singapore, University of Hawaii, Manoa (USA), University of Delhi (India), University of Auckland (New Zealand), Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong SAR), and Renmin University of China (Mainland China).

With support from the professionals from all over the world, APAIE has been stepping forward with the mission of advancing international education, and to bring sustainable partnerships and networks among the educators in the Asia Pacific region.

One of our most worthy goals, while remaining open to the global community, is the establishment of our own yearly conference for international educators in the Asia Pacific region. APAIE had 4 successful conferences in Korea, Singapore, Japan, China and currently preparing for another successful conference in Gold Coast, Australia. President Lee is well aware that APAIE will only succeed through the concerted effort of like-minded leaders across a diversity of universities and nations.

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